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Why is life so precious?

Posted in Bubbles From Mine, Ponderings on fiction with tags , , , on May 20, 2009 by alexvrettos

I watched the new The Day The Earth Stood Still last night. I got to track down the old one now!

It was good fun block buster style but didn’t delve far into the issues, but I like this stuff so that I can entertain my brain with the circus on screen while my mind delves into the depths that that the Hollywood peaks at but doesn’t really explore.

The idea in this one that really got me was the idea of a group of alien civilisations prepared to wipe out the human species in order to protect the Earth’s ability to nurture life.

the question that hotted debate in my head was: There are so many wonders in this universe that do not involve life in any way – phenomenal planets, stars, black holes, dimensions?… what makes life stand out as so precious?

Is it so precious because we have to be alive to make the call and are therefore just bias? Or is it because that without life, there would be no witnesses to these other phenomenon?

If it is just a bias, then life is not that important and maybe the human species can be left to make its own mistakes with the planet.

If it is because life is here to bare witness, then again the human race should be left alone as there is rapid growth in our awareness of the universe – our witness is growing – all our problems arrogance and mistakes aside, we’re doing that job!

There is one third answer that I was happy to stick with.  If life is so precious because it generates life, then maybe the human species needs some kind of intervention as our current unsustainable course is going to take us way off target on that one.

Wiping the whole human race out to do so though – that sounds like a human solution to me!