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Kaylamarr’s Song

Posted in Kaylamarr with tags , on January 17, 2010 by alexvrettos

There were once powers no longer here
Instead there’s another to instil fear
You can live with remorse, guilt and regret
But can you do so when you’re dead?

Who be this figure judging from the shadows
With a self belief of something Hallowed
Who be these values from the past
Bad men heed them as they’re resurrecting fast

From the shadows he will come
To find the doers of wrongs done
Mercy is not known to him
So beware the taint of original sin.

Evil is his right hand man
Guided or misguided, he follows God’s old plan
Good on one hand and bad on the other
Angels and Demons call him Brother

While the Damned and Divine are gathering dust
There’s one man slaking Evil’s lust
His book says repentance, you must earn
And he runs the school in which you learn

A new church is rising from the old Church’s ashes
It’s smile and message are necessarily fascist
Built in his image, it is no institution
Instead, made flesh, it’s Divine Retribution