About Bubbles From The Subconscious

This blog is largely fictional but there is more to it than that: I am an Author and a Hypnotherapist and this blog is all about bringing these two identities together into one. It is split into two sections:

Bubbles from MY Subconscious

This part consists of fiction and other writings of my own. Unlike the second part of this blog, these are all stories – good stories but with no hidden depths or meanings. A lot of them are based around my larger projects – extra glimpses into the worlds in which by books are set.

I’ve currently got one novel available to buy called THE HEREAFTER and I’m working on another called AGE OF GAMES. I also have a book of dark tales out called WORLDS OF SHADOW.

Bubbles from YOUR Subconscious

Now the stories in this part of the blog are an entirely different type of story. These are stories written with both my Author and Hypnotherapist hat on and they have far more potential than just being a good read.

We are all the main characters in the stories of our lives. Events happen to us in our lives and we react to those events so we are also the writers of our own destinies, but sometimes we get writers block and cannot move forward or as a writer we set ourselves challenges that we as characters have difficulty facing.

Emile Coué, a French psychologist pointed out that everything mankind has ever created, started off in someone’s imagination. From the Great Wall of China to a Cup of Tea. The thought of what you want to achieve will swim into focus and if it is within your power to do it, you will make that imagining a reality.

Once imagination is fully inspired for the benefit of the psyche, there is no requirement for any conscious effort, your momentum is already underway, an unstoppable force that will build and continue until it is discharged by action or changed by other thoughts. Should your will ever go up against your imagination, it will lose.

Imagination is the language of the subconscious and every action, every thought, every emotion and every idea is a bubble floated up from the depths of your subconscious whose only aim is your survival and success.

When your body needs a cup of tea, you imagine yourself drinking a cup of tea – the wet texture, the gentle flavour, the comforting warmth. You then imagine getting a cup of tea: where from? Can you make one? Can you buy one? In your imagination you trial run the likely ways that you can discharge this thought, this energy, by getting and drinking a cup of tea, until eventually your strategy will come to mind and hallelujah – you get your tea.

I have written some stories to inspire your imagination to solve problems more delicate and complex than tea. I do not profess that these will cure you your ills, but I will address your imagination directly and sow some seeds to enable you to address these problems yourself and start working towards your own solutions.od.

When you need to feel more confident in your world or perhaps less anxious and safer, if you need to sleep better or learn to cope with some pain, if you need to address any of the behaviours mentioned in this blog….imagine a place deep within…a place where I can guide you to…but a place of your own creation…a place where fiction breaths life into the real world…it is the artist palette into which your conscious dips its brush before painting your life across reality…it is the rhythm to which your heart takes its cue…it is the intangible substance from which our emotions gain their spark…take your conscious now…and set it aside…allow these words on a black background slip into your head…words becoming meaning…meaning becoming thoughts…thoughts becoming behaviour…born out of imagination…picture the events happening…hear the sounds of the characters’ adventures…feel what they feel as they progress through the story and allow their exploits to teach you something of your own…

As you read the stories, you will find your attention turning inwards…as the story within needs to be written before the story without happens the way you wish…as you read the stories, you will feel yourself becoming absorbed…as you do when you read any story…or watch any movie…or sit staring out of the train window…you will drift away and absorb the stories in turn…and take from each what you came to it to find…and over the following days or months…as you go about your business…you may find bits of them coming back to you…at the right times…and you will find change taking place…and change is good…


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