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Posted in The world of The Hereafter on October 7, 2009 by alexvrettos

Multi millionaire, Zacharia Mulone, has sadly passed away this week. Little known in life; he is expected to be better known in death than the likes of Van Gogh or Jesus Christ. On passing away he became the first human occupant of a world that he spent his life secretly creating, a world that exists beyond the one that we know, a world to rival the rumoured Kingdom of Heaven.

His first breakthrough came seventeen years ago when he developed the technology to store the human mind state artificially and completely free of any beating heart or working biological brain. He has used this technology to guarantee us all an afterlife, to cast a shadow of insignificance over the impregnable unknown that lies on the other side of death.

Zacharia Mulone has become to death what Walt Disney is to Florida and built a theme park to which we are all invited. The price of admission has been set at 5% of the estate that you leave behind – just a small contribution to the running costs of this fast growing empire of the mind. “This is not a profit making organization,” said Al Jones, a spokesman from Zacharia’s legal team, “Zacharia was adamant about that. He did this for everyone.”

Only three hospitals in the country currently have the technology to copy the soul, at the point of death onto a format that can be uploaded into this artificial heaven, and only three others world wide – it still takes a lot of equipment – but these numbers are set to grow quickly. The Hospitals in this country so far are in London, Manchester and Zacharia’s hometown, Shepton Ponds.

Legal teams are working round the clock with officials from every country that has not slammed its doors shut to the idea. Two tentative laws have been passed in most of these countries (including this one) as a foundation to build from: no convicted criminals, and no suicides are to be allowed admittance. “Life is a precious thing,” said Al Jones, “it must be protected and not be seen to lose importance in the face of a guaranteed future beyond.”


The Gaming Life Philosophy

Posted in The World of Age of Games on October 7, 2009 by alexvrettos

The Gaming Life Philosophy or GLiPh as it is known on the street is the book of truth upon which the Age of Games is built.

The Game

The Universe that each player plays in is their own; each Universe is the consequences that their own and everyone else’s actions have on them. Their environment is what they sense and how they feel about it; it is a different environment to the player standing next to them.

The Player constructs this universe themself – consciously and subconsciously what they desire and what they repulse determines their actions which mould their universe about them.

The web of these different universes meeting is – The Game.


In the beginning there was the Barren Land of Chance in which there always was, always is and always will be the Chance of nothing or anything at all.

Chance upon Chance passed by and elapsed until Chance had it that Wanderers became unto the Barren Land, wanderers who would be lost but for their dice with which to navigate Chance.

As they wandered led only by each roll of their dice, their journeys became paths worn into the virgin Land. Their paths snaked in patterns and in none, they crossed, converged, ran parallel and ventured off alone. The Wanderers explored The Barren Land and these grooves worn by travel and curiosity become known as Luck.

As Chance would have it, the Wanderers began to wither on their journeys, dying before their curiosities could be quenched. To wither and to die was to give The Wanderers no Chance at all which was not in the nature of The Land and so Chance bestowed resources unto The Land and so it became less barren.

Some Luck took its Wanderers to resources which aided them to become stronger and happier and better Wanderers; these paths became known as Chance’s Smiles along which Fortune flowed.

Luck that took its Wanderers further into the lands that remained barren became known as Chance’s Frowns along which little or no Fortune flowed

Once there was curiosity; now there is Fortune.

Those wandering Chance’s Smiles grow stronger and more adventurous and explore The Land and cultivate it with their accumulated Fortune creating more Fortune and better journeys, but those wandering Chance’s Frowns journey at Chance’s mercy, surviving on the scraps that Chance bestows upon them.

Some Wanderers with Fortune help Wanderers without onto Chance’s Smiles and increase their chance of survival and Fortune where other Wanderers with Fortune simply use Wanderers without and throw them scraps of Fortune without leading them from Chance’s Frowns.

And so, those without covet the Fortune of those with while those with become glutinous and covet the Fortune of all others and so Chance bestowed The Game upon The Land and so The Wanderer’s became Players.

Players with increasing Fortune reduce the chance of survival for those without and so Chance bestowed upon The Players a book inscribed in which were navigational tools for the Barren Land therefore replenishing a balance of Chance to all players of The Game and so was born but The Gaming Life Philosophy.

So it is.

The Gaming Life Philosophy is the heart of The Game and play without it ensures the Fortune of the few over the many. As Fortune is the sustenance of The Players it is also the corruption without The Philosophy to govern.

And so Chance would have it that there is a Die that can always be rolled when Chance demands, a Die that cannot fail, a Die that will roll loaded and true to bring Fortune’s head and tail back together so that The Gaming Life Philosophy can return to the centre of The Game so that focus and freedom can return to The Age of Games.

So it was, so it is and so shall it be again.